When you’re busy running a business, it helps to have a single point of contact to support you in your business development. We provide a dedicated Business Growth Manager for those businesses in North Ayrshire with the greatest potential for growth.

Your Business Growth Manager will work closely with you to develop a bespoke growth plan, tailored to meet your business needs and work with you to realise your business objectives.

We’ll put you directly in touch with key experts within your business area to help you develop your plans for growth. These specialists will support you with advice around sales, exporting, product development, access to markets, social media, financial planning, workforce development and training.

Why not unlock real benefits for your business, including:

  • Easy access to the support you need – your Business Growth Manager will make the connections for you, whether you need specific assistance from North Ayrshire Council or one of our Team North Ayrshire Partners
  • Less time spent on contacting different services – let your Business Growth Manager make internal connections for you to allow you to concentrate on your business
  • The best possible start for your business plans and projects – with access to all the financial and business support you need

If you’re considering a project to grow your business, speak to your Business Growth Manager who will harness together a tailored package of support.

The very personal relationship we have with our North Ayrshire account manager has been instrumental in propelling our business from the early days of concept through to today, where we now have physical items for sale both domestic and overseas.

Charlie Pollock, Founder and CEO, GS Biotech