When you choose North Ayrshire for your business, you’re choosing a location strategically connected to both local and global markets. A prosperous science, engineering and manufacturing hub where you can tap into skilled workers and world class business support.

  • An excellent location on the west of Scotland, 30 minutes from Glasgow city centre
  • Access to UK, Irish, European and American markets via road, rail, air and sea
  • Close to two international airports with almost 600 flights to London every week
  • Deep water, high traffic sea ports serving Europe and the USA
  • 120 passenger trains to Glasgow every day
  • Trunk road connectivity to major motorways
  • Over 96% of North Ayrshire premises access broadband speeds in excess of 24 Mbps

North Ayrshire is home to a wide range of industries, such as:

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Ardagh Group
  • DSM
  • Merck
  • Millar Callaghan

We export a huge range of products across the globe, from whisky to medical devices to penicillin. Come and join us.

We bring people to North Ayrshire from all over the world – the Netherlands, France, South Africa, Russia, Norway, New Zealand, the USA and more. North Ayrshire also has real strengths in key sectors that we work in, like engineering, and by locating here we can strengthen the business ecosystem and bring added depth to the appeal of the area.

Brian McConnell, CEO, Kelvin TOP-SET