Sector strengths

The Ayrshire Growth Deal is good news for businesses investing in North Ayrshire. Over £251 million will be invested in Ayrshire over the next 15 years focusing on:

  • Advanced Technology and Digital Automation
  • Environmental Sustainability and Circular Economy
  • Tourism and Creative Arts

The Ayrshire Growth Deal is the first to be funded by the Scottish and UK Governments to prioritise a non-city region, and puts inclusive growth at its centre to ensure continued economic development. Funding is also being contributed by North, South and East Ayrshire Councils.

Investment opportunities

If you’re looking to benefit from locating alongside complementary businesses in your industry, North Ayrshire offers a number of key commercial and industrial hubs equipped to support your business requirements.

What does North Ayrshire have to offer a key sector player looking for opportunities in the region?

North Ayrshire has all the ingredients needed for you to succeed! The Ayrshire Growth Deal is a transformational investment programme by public and private sectors. Over £251 million will be invested in Ayrshire over the next 15 years, focusing on advanced technology and digital automation, environmental sustainability and circular economy, tourism and creative arts.

An excellent location on the west coast of Scotland, 30 minutes from Glasgow city centre with almost 600 flights to London every week plus access to worldwide markets by road, air, rail and sea.

Scotland has the most highly qualified workforce in the UK and North Ayrshire’s travel-to-work area has over 835,200  potential employees and easy access to four universities, between them educating over 90,000 undergraduate and graduate students.