Location & connections

When you choose North Ayrshire for your business, you’re choosing a location strategically connected to both local and global markets. A prosperous science, engineering and manufacturing hub where you can tap into skilled workers and world class business support.

  • An excellent location on the west of Scotland, 30 minutes from Glasgow city centre
  • Access to UK, Irish, European and American markets via road, rail, air and sea
  • Close to two international airports: almost 600 flights to London every week
  • Deep water, high traffic sea ports serving Europe and the USA
  • 120 passenger trains to Glasgow every day
  • Trunk road connectivity to major motorways
  • Over 96% of North Ayrshire premises access broadband speeds in excess of 24 Mbps

People & talent

People build your business. Skilled, qualified employees to help create and deliver your vision now and in the future.

  • Scotland has the most highly-qualified workforce in the UK
  • There are 835,200 potential employees living in our travel-to-work area
  • Our travel-to-work area has a stable working age population
  • With easy access to four universities, between them educating over 90,000 students, North Ayrshire residents are improving their qualifications every year.

We have seen a 33% increase in the proportion of residents with degree level qualifications in the last seven years. Modern Apprenticeship take-up rates are 29% higher than the national average.

And, there is a rich source of managerial talent on the doorstep. 14,000 people travel out of North Ayrshire daily to work in managerial and professional roles.

Opportunities & sector focus

If you’re looking to benefit from locating alongside complementary businesses in your industry, North Ayrshire offers a number of key commercial and industrial hubs equipped to support your business requirements.

Quality of Life

With an increase in remote and hybrid working, and a focus on where and how we work, North Ayrshire not only offers all the ingredients you need for your business to succeed, it offers you a better quality of life.