Mudataco, based in North Ayrshire, is a unique blend of sustainability, data science and construction professionals. Their aim is to transform resource efficiency practices and performance in the construction industry, using data science and best practice. Today they launched at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre. is a revolutionary new website bringing the construction and waste management industries together in a single online marketplace. It is an integrated forecasting, costing and reporting platform.

The application is a postcode based ‘live’ environment, where forecasting, costing and providing waste services is based on available industry data and improved capability. It continually updates and evolves through entry of historic data, input of monthly data, or automatic transfer of coded data between software platforms.

Accurate waste forecasting, efficient procurement and driving best practice within the supply chain will enable smart decisions to be made and help businesses thrive, by bucking stagnant trends on waste strategy.  Too many construction projects suffer commercially through a lack of viable industry data with tender allowances hit to make tenders competitive.

Many factors differentiate construction companies; the cost of waste should not be one.

JOHN LOGAN from Dreghorn is the founder of Mudataco Ltd and  has over 30 years of experience in environmental and sustainability management. is the product of John’s desire to transform the way in which the construction industry accesses high quality waste management services at competitive costs.

With support from key individuals and organisations, his 18-month dream of a fully integrated online service bridging the construction and waste management industries has become a reality. With more focus than ever on low carbon and net zero practices, John is confident that will further stimulate our collective shift towards a leaner and more productive built environment.  The web portal went live on Wednesday 26th Feb and is now open for business!

“I love this idea; the construction industry desperately needs this.” Nick Ribbons, Zero Waste Scotland

 For further details please contact John Logan: