Monday 28th September 2020

Ayrshire Chamber are delighted to be able to bring an online check-in service to any business in Ayrshire: #ProtectAyrshire

Check & Trace gives business owners a platform to securely check customers or visitors in and out of their premises, anonymously collecting the data needed to support the Scottish Government and the NHS with the Test and Protect Programme. Visitors simply scan a QR code with a smartphone on entry and input their contact information to be held securely for use if required by NHS Scotland.

This means that after the first sign-in, they can check in easily and securely each time they visit a café, restaurant, hotel, visitor attraction, offices and many more establishments which are using the service.

#ProtectAyrshire provides a safe and secure way of storing this information and can be used for the purpose of contact tracing should the need arise. Fully GDPR compliant, details of visitors without smartphones can be added manually if required to keep all records secure and in one place.

This service is FREE to Chamber members and is available to non-members for a one off fee of just £20.

Interested to find out more, contact

To sign up as a business, registration must be completed via a PC or Tablet (ie, not on your mobile phone) via the link below: